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Creating a Good Law Firm SEO Article Title

February 15, 2013

So much time is taken to make the content of an article spectacular.  However, it is not a good idea to throw any title on your hardworking manuscript.  The title is just as important as the content because that is the one thing visitors see.  The title will decide if a person wants to click through to read your article.  In SEO a title makes the difference between being last in search engines and being first.  Don’t make these following mistakes to your web content on your website.

Too Long Titles
A common mistake is making the title of an article too long.  The definition of ‘too long’ is when it’s longer than search engines will display.  Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines will show a certain amount of ‘characters’ (letters, numbers, spaces and symbols) before the cut-off point.  It needs to be detailed enough to explain what the content is about but short enough for the whole title to be displayed.  One way to save space is taking out the company’s name in the title.

Keyword Stuffing
Adding a ton of keywords such as ‘web company Nashville’ and ‘goody’s car insurance plan’ across the site used to be the way to get noticed in search engines.  In today’s cyber world, however, this practice will get your website banned from search engines.  Adding one unique and relevant keyword to use three or four times is enough for search engine bots to notice.

Reusing Titles
Coming up with a catchy title is one thing; using the same catchy title for every other page on the site is another.  Do not use the same, exact, creative title.  That will ruin the chances of climbing law firm SEO ranking from bottom to top.  Each title should be different to show readers what that section of the site is about.  At the same time, it can’t be a generic and boring title because no one will click through.  So make up a unique and creative title for each page.

Ignoring the Reader
Search engine crawlers aren’t the only people you have to please.  Readers are the ones that will make SEO rankings high and will generate money with every click.  They seek information and hope that your website will provide answers to their questions.  Ignoring them is a costly mistake.  Make sure the title is not only catchy and creative but interesting, exciting and satisfying to any reader’s questions and concerns.

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